5 Must-have Skull Printed Hoodie

The skull was regarded as a symbol of death, danger and evil in ancient civilizations; pirates printed it on flags to threaten people with death; counterculture groups used it as a synonym for rebellion.


However, with the passage of time, the skull has become an element of inspiration that designers from all walks of life have sought after. In their hands, the ominous meaning of the skull disappeared. Instead, it won the favor of many fashionable people with its personality, fun, and mysterious new temperament. It can be said that skull art has a great position in the clothing industry. Here are some interesting skeleton costume recommendations.


Skull And Slogan

In addition to the well-known symbolism of death, the skull has a deterrent effect. Pirates print skulls and crossed skeletons on flags to threaten people, and Slogan with skulls and crossbones is more powerful than text alone. You can wear skulls and SLOGAN clothes that express your thoughts, so that Get people to pay more attention to your attitude.

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Skull And Snake

In the Western world, images of skeletons and snakes often represent the essence of death, and the destruction of a person's body and spirit. In this sense, the skeleton and the snake together become a symbol of death and rebirth, or the cycle of life and death. The maverick punk crowd often gets this tattoo,

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Vacation Skull

The holiday-style skeleton is completely free from the shadow of the death of the skeleton itself, and it swept in with a kind of lovely hedonism - even something as serious as death can't stop me from vacation, can't stop me from enjoying the surfing, can't stop me from finishing the glass of wine in my hand. Bright and colorful prints add a playful touch.

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Skull With Roses

This should be one of the most classic and traditional tattoo designs. We see the rose as the embodiment of love and the skull as the signal of death. Their combination, a fusion of love and death popular with modernism, creates poetic, artistic and gothic designs. People have been inspired by the art of love and death, creating different art styles, from simple black and white to bold color schemes, from old-school simplicity to complicated lines. This art can represent lost love or persuade people to cherish the love they have, whether it is the beauty and pain of life, or the good and evil within each person. It also tells the true meaning: love will not end until death. Rock and romantic. This dress is available in sizes S to 4XL and can also be worn with your lover as a couple's shirt.

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Gesture Design

Another important role of the skull series printing is gesture design. This gesture perfectly embodies the spirit of never admitting defeat of rockers. The accompanying Die With Memories Not Dreams also reminds people deeply that living in the present should leave things to the future. Live in the present because you never know if your plans for the future will come true. You shouldn't regret not doing what you really wanted to do.

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Skull art with the publicity and boldness of young people is highly sought after by fashionable men and women. It can be said that the skull is an artistic symbol of glitzy life, and it appears repeatedly in contemporary art and fashion.

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